MSME DIs and Branch DIs

There are 32 MSME-DIs and 26 Branch MSME-DIs (formerly SISIs) set up in State capitals and other industrial cities all over the country. The main activities of these institutions are as follows:-
• Assistance/Consultancy to Prospective Entrepreneurs • Assistance/Consultancy rendered to existing units • Preparation of State Industrial Profiles • Preparation/Updation of District Industrial Potential Surveys • Project Profiles • Entrepreneurship Development Programmes • Motivational Campaigns • Production Index • Management Development Programmes • Skill Development Programmes • Energy Conservation • Pollution Control • Quality Control & Upgradation • Export Promotion • Ancillary Development • Common Facility Workshop/Lab • Preparation of Directory of Specific Industry • Intensive Technical Assistance • Coordination with DICs • Linkage with State Govt. Functionaries • Market Surveys • Implementation of DC(MSME) Schemes • Coordination with sate Government Departments/ Agencies • Coordination with NGO/MSME Associations/other stake Holders • Coordination with other sister concerned institutes of Ministry of MSME • Other Action Plan Activities assigned by Headquarters

TCs and TSs

Ministry of MSME has set up four MSME -Testing centers (TCs) in 1974 at New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. MSME -Testing Centers for providing testing and calibration facilities to industries in general and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in particular for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, manufactured by them. Testing centers are equipped with indigenous and imported state of art equipments in the disciplines of Chemical, Mechanical, Metallurgical and Electrical to undertake Performance test, Type test and Acceptance test of semi-finished, finished products etc. These centers also undertake calibration works for Measuring Instruments and Equipment conforming to national and International standards. Centers are accredited by internationally recognized National Accreditation Board of Testing & Calibration laboratories (NABL) certification as per ISO (17025).These centers are recognized by various departments like Bureau of Indian standards, Railways (RDSO), Defense (CSD & DGQA) etc. In order to provide testing facilities in the area with cluster of industries and some strategic areas, the Government of India has set up seven MSME -Testing Stations (TSs) in 1982 at Jaipur, Bhopal, Kolhapur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Puducherry and Ettumanur. These Testing Stations in fact act as extension of the MSME- TCs thereby serving the needs of the industries situated in far-flung areas. The MSME- Testing Stations are regularly modernizing/upgrading their facilities to cater to the need of industries in general and Micro, Small & Medium sector in particular, situated in their locality.

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