Incubator Scheme (Sanction Order)

Incubator Scheme (Circular Order)
S No Subject Date Details Corrigendum
1 Release of payment of token amount of Rs. 1.00 to be credited to CNA-CTTC-Bhubaneswar towards implementation of Incubation component of MSME Innovative Scheme w.r.t. Sanction Order vide no. 6(19)/Sanction to CNA/Incubation/2022-23 dated 08.08.2023 for an amount of Rs. 22,73,09,000/- for FY 2023-24 reg 22/09/2023 Open Details
2 Allocation of Rs. 4,85,640/ (Rupees Four Lakh Eighty Five Tbousand Six Hundred and Forty Only) to 8 MSME-DFOs for evaluation of ideas receiyed during MSME IDEA Hackathon 2.O (Theme Based) by Domain Expert Selection Committee (DESC) for FY 2023-24. 17/05/2023 Open Details
3 Allocation of funds amount to Rs 90,26,660 to MSME-DFOs for wide pubticity of MSME Idea Hackathon 2.0 (Theme based) under Incubation component of MSME Innovative Scheme (MSME Champions Scheme) by field offices under the administrative control of Ministra of MSME for the FY 2022-23: reg 19/10/2022 Open Details
4 Sanction of payment of Rs. 20,57,00,000/- to CENTRAL TOOL ROOM AND TRAINING CENTRE (CTTC), Bhubaneswar, ODISHA towards implementation of Incubation Component of MSME Innovative Scheme for FY 2022-23:reg 17/08/2022 Open Details
5 Allocation of fund amount to Rs 12.50 lakhs under OAE to concerned MSME·DIs for conductlng Sector wise evaluation of ideas received during MSME IDEA Hackathon 2022 by Domain Expert Selection Committee (DESC) as per the guidelines of' MSME Innovative Scheme (Incubation component) during the year 2022-23. 12/05/2022 Open Details

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